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Because rainy days shouldn’t ruin your property

Water absorption and salt erosion is common in coastal properties, and sealing and waterproofing is important to prolong life. 


We provide waterproofing services to protect the structure and appearance of your property from the weather. We are committed to using water- or acrylic-based products which minimize any negative environmental impacts. 

Liquid Applied 

We use a number of materials for waterproofing processes:

Product type 


Water- or acrylic-based membranes 

Protectants for decks, balconies, rooftops, foundations, and retaining walls

Cementitious membranes

Additional strength, rapid drying, flexibility in waterproofing 


Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) concentration, making them better for health and environment


Liquid Masonry Water Repellents and Waterproofers

We supply water- and solvent-based products which can be used to permanently eliminate rising damp, waterproof, insulate, harden and preserve.

Our experienced technicians can apply water repellents and waterproofers to most types of masonry works, including fresh mortar, plaster, render and natural stone.

Sheet Membranes

Torch-on and Self-Adhesive sheet membranes are often used for roof gardens, planter boxes, and foundations.


Bentonite clay-based sheets are designed for below-grade vertical and horizontal structural foundation surfaces such as backfilled concrete walls, masonry block walls, earth-covered roofs, and tunnels.

Concrete Waterproofing 

Because concrete absorbs moisture just like bricks and masonry, sealing processes are essential for prolonging the life of each structure. 


We offer a variety of services to keep concrete structures in good condition:




Seals concrete to minimise dust emissions 


Creates a specific appearance or finish 


Prevents water infiltration and damage in rooftops and terraces using traditional liquid membranes

Epoxy coating applicators

Waterproofs large concrete structures such as factory floors, warehouses, and hangars


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