It is no secret that water ingress is one of the most damaging natural processes that occur on our properties. Damp and the excess moisture within the stone and brickwork usually cause corrosion, growth of algae and damage to the timber elements and overall structural integrity of the property. At the point when you see the mould or mildew inside means that it is probably too late to consider adding an adequate layer of protective membrane to the façade.  


Therefore, the façade waterproofing has become one of the main concerns of the property owners and strata managers since its early application will secure the building from the moisture seepage and preserve its overall comfortability and practicality. 


Facade waterproofing is one of the main aspects of basic façade maintenance, so it is important to hire a trusted professional to get the most adequate treatment for your façade. The options depend on the material of the building’s exteriors and its overall condition, but each of them has the same purpose – keeping your property in great shape for as long as possible. 


Liquid Masonry Water Repellents


Besides providing resistance to wind-driven rain, water repellents can also reduce efflorescence and staining from environmental pollutants. This is a great way to preserve and enhance the texture and colour of the wall. 


They can be applied to almost any sort of masonries like sandstone, concrete or brick, and the choice of water repellent depends on the surface, exposure conditions and aesthetics. If applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions, water repellent is one of the most effective water penetration controllers, so always make sure that you let the professional take care of it. 


We at Delta Corp remedial offer premium water repellents of various colours, surface textures, glossiness and application procedures, so feel free to contact us today as we will find the right solution for you in no time. Within our offer, you can find premium water, acrylic or cementitious membranes alongside polyurethanes that are better for the health and environment. 


Façade Waterproofing Sheet Membranes


Sheet membranes are installed quite easily and rapidly, yet their level of efficiency in the water and chemical resistance is exceptionally high. They can be applied with torch-in or self-adhered methods and are one of the most effective waterproofing solutions for basements, foundations, and other below-grade structures. 


The same rule applies to the Bentonite clay-based sheet membrane that can expand and contract an infinite number of times and absorb seven to ten times its weight. It is widely used in construction, especially for deep foundations, between and under the slabs, along tunnels and subway walls and so on. 


This fine powder can be mixed with various other materials that enhance its elasticity and binding characteristics, so feel free to contact our façade waterproofing specialists and we’ll make sure to find the exact type you require. 


Concrete Waterproofing


As the concrete is a porous compound like bricks and masonry, it requires the application of an impervious material layer which will make the surface waterproof and prevent an early concrete’s deterioration. 


One of the most efficient concrete waterproofing solutions is surely a traditional liquid waterproofing membrane that usually consists of a primer coat and two additional coats applied by spray or roller. It forms a certain rubbery coating which makes it more flexible than a cementitious type, and its durability depends on the type of polymer used in the mixture. 

We at Delta Corp remedial offer premium façade and concrete waterproofing services for your residential and commercial properties anywhere in the Sydney, Newcastle and Golden Coast area. Give us a call today or write us a message via the online form provided on our website and we’ll get back to you with the detailed proposal as soon as possible.


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