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Want your home value set in stone?

Invest in stone pointing.

Just like brick, timber, and any other common building material, stone and adjoining mortar joints are vulnerable to deterioration over time. This can lead to a loss of structural integrity and problems with insulation, allowing weather conditions and pests to affect your quality of life. Stone pointing can prevent all of this.

If you want to…

Restore structural integrity

Stone pointing is the best way to eliminate any small cracks that leave your property susceptible to structural damage and give your building an extra 40 years of life.

Increase visual appeal and value

Natural stone deserves a high-quality frame of crisp, neat lines and bright accents.

Protect against lateral and rising damp

Stone pointing is the key to keeping rain and water out of your property and preventing health-related issues associated with dampness and mildew.

Avoid demolition

If the mortar between the stones in your structure is eroding or crumbling, stone pointing will return your building to its former glory and prevent the need for costly, invasive remedial work or demolition. We are also able to assist with demolition if this service is required.
Our stone pointing services can help you achieve all of that.

Here’s how it works:

The stone pointing process works in much the same way as brickpointing, following a six-part process.

1. Consultation

We’ll conduct a full inspection of your building and provide recommendations for moving forward, along with a quote for our services.

2. Acceptance

Once you engage our services, we’ll develop a schedule in order to carry out the works in a strategic and timely fashion.

3. Stone Removal

We’ll grind away old sand and lime and remove any dust remnants.

4. Mortar Injection

We’ll fill the wall cavities with fresh mortar and allow it to cure for 48 hours.

5. Cleaning

We’ll clean off all of the excess mortar. The finished product should look beautiful, so you can rest assured that the mortar will be everywhere you want it to be (and nowhere you don’t).

6. Handover

Your project manager will walk you through everything that was completed, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you are satisfied with the work.

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