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Concrete Spalling

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Get concrete cancer under control

  1. Concrete spalling, also known as concrete cancer, occurs when concrete erodes or when water infiltrates and rusts the steel frame, causing a decline in the concrete structural integrity.
  2. As a result, rust bleeds through the steel to the surface of the concrete, and when the rusted steel starts to expand, the concrete will break off.
  3. The good news is that the right, commercially-conscious solution makes it possible to avoid demolition, restore structural integrity, and increase the value of your property.
  4. We provide injections, protective membranes, and spalling remediation for concrete in commercial buildings, apartments, and large residential homes.

Here’s how it works:

1. Consultation

We’ll conduct a full inspection of your building and provide recommendations for moving forward, along with a quote for our services.

2. Acceptance

Once you engage our services, we look to develop a schedule in order to carry out the works in a strategic and timely fashion.

3. Concrete Removal And Rust Treatment

We’ll dig deep to expose the rusted steel bars, and use a combination of chemical remover and tools to remove it.

4. Protective Epoxy Coating

To prevent future rusting, steel bars are coated in a protective epoxy coating. We’re all about creating a long-term solution!

5. Replacement concrete

We’ll fill the holes left by the process with new concrete, leaving it as neat and tidy as the day it was first done.

6. Handover

We’ll walk you through the completed project, answer any questions you might have, and get your final approval.

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