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Brick and mortar is a serious asset…

So let’s keep it that way.

As mortar erodes and crumbles over time, bricks are displaced, and moisture can cause the structure to rust and become unstable. Brick pointing is key to keeping this under control.

If you want to…

Restore structural integrity

Repointing is perfect for crack remediation and repairing concrete cancer.

Increase visual appeal and value

Repointing not only restores the crisp, neat lines and bright accents of brick buildings, but can also increase structural integrity by as long as 40 years.

Protect against lateral and rising damp

Repointing can prevent dampness and mildew from rusting the wall ties in your building and leading to wall bowing and collapse.

Avoid demolition

If the mortar of your building has started to erode or crumble, repointing will return your building to its former glory and prevent the need to perform costly and invasive remedial work or demolish the structure. We are also able to assist with demolition if this service is required.

Our Brick Pointing Services Can Help You Achieve All Of That.

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Here’s how it works:

1. Consultation

We’ll conduct a full inspection of your building and provide recommendations for moving forward, along with a quote for our services.

2. Acceptance

Once you engage our services, we look to develop a schedule in order to carry out the works in a strategic and timely fashion.

3. Mortar Removal

We remove existing the mortar to a depth of 25mm using pneumatic tools and a HEPA vacuum system, eliminating up to 95% of ambient dust pollution.

4. Mortar Injection

Depending on proximity to coastal areas, and soil aggressiveness, new mortar is then injected into the freshly raked mortar joints to fill the cavity. It is then tooled off, dressed, and allowed to cure for 48 hours.

5. Cleaning

The finished product should look beautiful, so you can rest assured that the mortar will be everywhere you want it to be (and nowhere you don’t).

6. Handover

Your project manager will walk you through everything that was completed, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you are satisfied with the work.

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